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News history:

24.04.03: Page is online.

25.04.03: Guestbook installed. -Music in Turrican2 flashintro -Counter installed -Turrican2 Amiga version added- T2002 added.
26.04.03: Superturrican added -Superturrican intro added.

27.04.03: Superturrican intro with music added -Turrican1 for the C64 with introspeaking installed -Turrican1 for the Amiga with introspeaking installed -Turrican1 for AtariST installed -Backgroundmusic installed.

28.04.03: Turrican2 for Spectrum ZX added.
30.04.03: Flashgame installed.
01.05.03: Flashgame improved -Turrican2 for AtariST added.
02.05.03: Level2 for the flashgame is up and running -Turrican1 for Spectrum ZX added.
03.05.03: Level3 for the flashgame ready.
07.05.03: More midis for the backgroundmusic -Turrican3 for the Amiga added.
08.05.03: Turrican3 intro with, and without musik installed -corrected some German misswritings.
09.05.03: A little redesign...
10.05.03: Again a change in the design: 3D-Turrican-button and a improvement in the Turrican menu.
11.05.03: Commentfunction for Turrican1 added.

12.05.03: Wallpapers added -New menuoption: Specials (Today it's stuff).

14.05.03: News again readable.;) -Megaturrican added. Download formular installed.
15.05.03: Contact section added.
16.05.03: A new wallpaper.
17.05.03: German Turrican-Quiz added.
18.05.03: Turrican Quiz improved -Registration at the Turrican webring.
19.05.03: Registration at the retro-banner-exchange. -Support of the projekts "Against TCPA"
20.05.03: Quiz improved -Added in Turrican-Webring! *yeah!*
21.05.03: Factor5 Logo as a flashclip installed. Some minor mistakes deleted.
22.05.03: News improved.
23.05.03: Jukebox design improved. -Quiz corrected.
24.05.03: 4 new questions for the quiz.
26.05.03: Superturrican for NES added.
27.05.03: 3 new questions fpr the quiz. -Turrican screensaver added.
28.05.03: Screensaver now in better;)! -Javascriptfree version of this page installed.
02.06.03: Turrican1 for Amstrad-CPC added.
26.07.03: Ryo Megid´s wallpapers added! :)
6.08.03: New design, elimintation of javascript.
6.08.03: Guestbook now more stable.
7.08.03: Comment section deleted. Coperate identety for the design.
- Complete Turrican1 SpectrumZX-version thanks to Tr.Schmidt added! - Dropdown menus for people without time.


9.08.03: Turrican-Puzzle developed. -Turrican1 fpr the Megadrive installed.
10.08.03: Better compatibility for the midijukebox.
18.08.03: More midis for the jukebox.
19.08.03: New wallpaper from me.
29.08.03: Partnerpages programm started
7.09.03 : T2002 levelsection installed. 
11.09.03 : The page is now 800x600 compatible.

13.09.03 : Complete overview added.

14.09.03 :'s T2002 level added.
1.10.03 : New T2002 level from me.
12.11.03: Implantation of Robert's forum into this page.
18.11.03: Linklist renewed.
20.11.03: Turrican memorygame installed.
21.11.03: Turrican memorygame improved.
23.11.03: New Wallpapers from me.
7.12.03: An extro for the memorygame. The Jukebox can play in the frame now.
24.12.03: New quizquestions.
28.12.03: Turrican2 for the PC added.
16.04.04: Another type of puzzlegame added.
16.05.04: All midis of the jukebox are downloadable now.
31.05.04: The ultimate Turrican soundbase is there! ( A united projekt together with Turrican SETA, and Turrican Forever )
1.10.04: A new server for Bronkos turricanpage!
17.1.05: Turricanzone lives! I have time for the page again, and could correct some mistakes.
19.1.05: Turrican1 for the Gameboy und Superturrican2 for SNES are aviable now...
21.1.05: T4Funeral , and Miniclones added.
23.1.05: Turrican3 for the C64 inclusivve flashintro added.
24.1.05: T2002 levelsection heavily improved.
25.1.05: Heavy changes of the design, and McMonac levelpack added.
26.01.05: Turrican1 for Pc-Engine (Turbo Grafx16) added.
9.08.05: Another server again. Redhunter17 gave up his space, where I had all those big files.
Now everything is on , and I mean really EVERYTHING! I hope, this makes the page more stable...
Oh, yes, the jukebox has a new design...
Robert, thank you very much for the space!
04.10.05: Cypherians Systems installed - in "miniclones".
20.11.05: New wallpaper added. ;)

24 .12.05: Merry X-mas and a happy new year...
As a present I made a new T2002 level: Bronkos Walkerfactory™!

30 .12.05: Turrican calendar added!

24.01.06: Finally: UnderearthLv.03 ist ready! Enjoy the very best T2002 level with great music from Ralph Weinert, and lots of new features!

1.02.06: Handyturricans added.
02.02.06: Turrican games that weren't and Universal Soldier added.
19.04.06: Yes, the movie is old, but new is the page over it at my page: Turicon - 98 mintues high quality trash! ;)
28.04.06: Rendering Ranger installed.

1.05.06: Gyroturrican ist back:


8.05.06: Level2 for GyroturricanII is up and running!


9.05.06: Under Turrican -> Turrican Remakes you'll find an overwiev about all those little games related to Turrican. Games like Turrican Pinball and Super Obliteration, a Turrican-Pang mix. Or flashgames like Turriball, and of course GyroturricanII.


4.06.06: Finally there is an English version of Bronko's Turricanpage. Enjoy my bad English! ;)


2.07.06: Two new Wallpapers by turricanfan Andre!
And: Another Turrican game that wasn't recovered! Scorpion for the C64.


16.07.06: Lukasz Maniewski creates T2002 levels really fast, here are some screenshots on which you can see, what challenge will come!


06.08.06: There are 4 new screenshots of "Morgul Returns".


12.08.06: A new bunch of screenshots from the Maniewski Industries is awaiting you!



20.08.06: For all those people, who can't wait for Morgul Retruns, I finaly uploaded and rated Lukasz first published Level.
"Tower of Morgul" shows, that waiting for Morgul Returns is worth doing it. But it is just a small hint for what is awaiting you in Morgul Returns, since Lukasz did learn a lot of things after this first creation... ;) Get it at the T2002-levelsection, if you didn't allready at SETA.


21.08.06: Tony Bates released his cool levels sadly as single pieces, and without music. That's why I took them, gave every single level a fitting music, and released them now as the Tony Bates Ultra Pack! Get it at the T2002-Levelsection.



17.09.06: Eine Rubrik mit Previews zu den kommenden Clones ist eingerichtet. Unter anderem finden sich dort Exklusiv"screenshots" von GGT!

The first level of Morgul Returns is aviable as a demo at the T2002 levelsection!



30.09.06: New shots of Morgul Returns once again ;)


11.10.06: UnderearthLv0 comes! The level is allready in beta stadium, get some screenshots right now! And by the way: Underearth got some story after all...


14.10.06: Lv.0 is released! Completely integratet in the already existing Pack, now including an intro, abd other changes! If you want to play the allready finished Underearth levels in the right order, load first the pack, then Lv.03.
More about UnderearthLv.0.


04.11.06: News! First pictures of level04 are out now!


13.11.06: Four "new" Turrican games that weren't added. Matthew Browns Turrican3D, his Flashturrican, Hideican, and *ahem* Bronko's secret Turrican RPG-Adventure...


26.11.06: A new Turrican clone is in developement!

Turrican Ressurection, a big project for the AtariSTE!


3.12.06: CZ-Tunes made a preview video of level04 !
And now it is there! With great musics from CZ-Tunes To play, download "Underearth part2" at the T2002-levelsection, and play Level3 first! ;) Hideican isn't dead, und because of that, it is a "Turrican of the future" again.
Turricane 4 Ever is to find in the very same section now, since also this game still is in developement!
Matthew Brown contacted me - There are some news about his Turricangames, but they are still at the "Games that weren't".


5.12.06: Hideican update! There is now a playable demo, with a nice surprise!
Cypherian System can no longer be downloaded, as Ilker desired.
The first levels of are now in the archive "UnderearthPart1". I fixed some minor bugs in them, and made a huuuuuge hint for the level0 boss.
Und new as well: The T2002 install guide, for a save way to a working T2002!


24 .12.06: I wish you a "Frohe Weihnachten!"

And those presents come from me, and from CZ-Tunes:
The music, which is going to be the title track of is now in the trailer version aviable in the Soundbase! You don't know any trailer? Well, this one is quite new, at least I didn't announce it's existence here yet...

And one gift more to open: My old Doom2 levels with Turrican musics!


01.01.07: Happy new year! At the X-Mas Turriball-contest is over now (It was only for registered n-trax members), and I won! :D
Now I'm going to be a proud owner of an Awesome-A CD, containing a track for Morgul Returns. Thanks!


10.01.07: I made the theoretic test for my drivers license! *Err* ...The CD is here now (With autograph), and I was allowed to upload the two Morgul Returns tracks into the Soundbase!
And then there is the T32K-Enhanced version with Editor , and it was hard to stoy objective. ;) (I exluded my extreme negative writings in short form to a seperate *.txt file, since it IS unfinished, so errors are allowed.)
The chat is now each other second sunday. ;)


11.01.07: There are really Turrican Benders, and after I found them, I got the permission to show them here. :D


13.01.07: Patrick sended me an animated Bender which reminds one not without a reason on that smiley...


22.01.07: There is now work in progress for ceating new levels for the Amiga Turrican2! Possible thanks to x_to... :)


27.01.07: I may be working at the Turrican2 mod, but -fans shouldn't worry: Level5 is as good as finished! :)
Currently, I'm allready working on the tileset for level6:

Yes, sometimes I do use the evil noise effect. ;) But "Industahl" is no cheap function of my programm: It's a special texture, created by myself...


03.02.07: New stuff in the Soundbase! "TuRRican I Title" is a hardrock version of the well known track. ...and there is also a track called "Tirbelsturm" new. Sunday the 4th. february there will be a Retrobroadcast on Radio-Paralax (But German only).
There will be a new Level5 video! AND a new track by CZ-Tunes as well. ;)

It will start at seven o'clock PM. If you got here trough that broadcast, check the T2002 Install-Guide . The levels you'll find at Stuff -> T2002 Levels.

Have fun!


11.03.07: Morgul Returns is nearly finished... There came a lot of new bugs now, and other not so nice things, like a grafic, which makes me remembering my last session on toilet, but let's see... Maybe it gets released before Hurrican. This is once again "neraly finished"....

I made a page, which shows scandalous grafics flubs in Rendering Ranger ;) (Warning, this sentence contains irony!)

And new as well: I got another discimage of Protovision's Turrican3 , which contains the other aviable levels.


18.03.07: Level 05 is finished and playable in UnderearthPart2.
The other levels got some small updates as well. Thanks to Schlauchi for his hints, even though I didn't follow them all.... :D
That means, you better should download Part1 again as well!
Both parts have now CZ-Tunes' great title music!
Oh, I nearly forgot, in part2 there now is a new piece of story.
Owners of a T2002F.exe should remove it before playing (T-Starter executes it automatically), because it is a BETA version, which creates some less nice effects in Underearth.



The time has come! Morgul returned to his evil tower, and it's time for you.... to play another great T2002 levelpack!

Get T2002
If T2002 and levelpacks sound new for you, read my installation instructions.
Everything ok? Then download Morgul Returns!

Morgul Returns uses the T2002F-Beta with the friendly permission of Pekaro. The T2002F.exe is within the archiv, and must be copied into your T2002 main folder, if you don't use T-Starter2.4 or higher. (Note: As I'm writing this text, T-Starter2.4 is NOT aviable yet.
T-Starter2.3 detects the T2002F as well, but only if it is in the T2002 main directory)

More T2002levels? This is the home of Underearth here, get it in my T2002-level corner ! ;)
Wanna see a video of Underearth?


25.03.07: The first version of Roberts T-Starter2.4 is now a public beta one. It needs still .Net2 to run, though... However, onmy PC it worked without failures so far.

Morgul Returnes is one now, so I have time again for my own project: Underearth! Those few bugs, which do appear now at MR should be killable for Lukasz without my help. ;)
Here, I finished my new Underearth status bar, version 0.94:


26.03.07: Robert's great T-Starter (TM) 2.4. is released.
It finally has the great feature, to uncheck all checkboxes in the downloader!
Get it at the new official T-Starter page! As the SETA-Schmidt decided to let all the people download Morgul Returns from this space, I decided to mark the fat publisher. ;)

If you wonder, waht is going on with Turrican-Resurrection : The programmer, who makes it all, is currently busy with moving houses. However, ha said, the project is of course NOT CANCELED! By the way, he is still looking for an AtariSTE co-programmer.


02.04.07: Hello Hurricanfans! Eiswuxe recommended Morgul Returns to have a nicer waiting time. Nice thought! :) Maybe you even don't know T2002 and it's many optional levels!
Beginners should read the Installation Tutorial , to get started. Really, you can make many things wrong in that game...

But now, grab them all! For some anticipation click the titles above, and watch the videos. Underearth is by the way still in developement, but I released the parts, that were done allready, to patch them until the end, so players can enjoy a very good end prosuct. ;)
Here are the new powerups, I created last weekend:


23.06.07: I have little time these days, so here it comes only as a quick message, and that even too late... HURRICAN IS RELEASED!


03.08.07: Now Hurrican is finally well integrated in this page. And the fact, that there is an Rendering Ranger mod, which gives the mmain character a proper Turrican Assault Suit... But even longer on my to-do list stand Robert's cellphone game emulator, and the Johnny Rhumble demos.... But one time, even this is done. ;)


17.08.07: Three days ago, the Hurrican level editor was released! With this tool, the Pokes built their levels. But they did it with a less user-friendly version.....respect! The released version is partly somewhat uncomfortable as hell, as well! ;)
Beside that, it is a powerfull toll, to create complex levels....


03.09.07: News and screenshots about GGT and Windstille! And every Turrican in developement got on of those seals:


08.09.07: Uh, it's Windstille 0.3, and not 3.0, whooops... :D
By the way, Operation Easy Navigation is finished: You'll find usefull submenus, and this discreet hint, if there are more then one pages:


14.11.07: A change od structure! There is now a fanart section at the stuff. So send me everything, that could be called fanart! ;)
For example, and that was the reason for this change, sketches like those by Petros from Greece.


19.11.07 : T2002-news: From now on Daniel's T2002 levelpack "Walkers Revenge" is online. And Lukasz Maniewski is active again, creating:

(Logo by me;) ) - What I have seen so far of Metroidican is a good piece of work. Lukasz used the T2002 engine very clever, to create a metroidy atmosphere...


29.11.07 : I made a short video, which shows, why I like TurricanII on the C64 best:


24.12.07 : Merry Christmas to all of you! A bunch of news today: Daniel expanded his T2002 - Walkers Revenge. I got cool Turrican X-Mas-shirts at ebay, which I scanned and reworked, to give you the possibility to get one as well, and i made a small WinXP-Bootskin....


06.01.08 : Happy new year, with happy news.... about:

A first collection of screenshots!


20.03.08 : There is quite a lot of news, but due to personal and educational reasons (Nothing bad, don't worry), I just don't have the time right now...
However , Super Turrican (SNES) is available for the Wii.
There is now a portal for the Turrican pages, . With you can visit this page here.
And then there is a T2002-Levelbase waiting for intagration in this page.
Last but not least, the Metroidican title track by Awesome-A is available in the Soundbase!


04.04.08 : So, even more news now! Mega Turrican is now available for the Wii as well!
The new Levelbase is included into the page structure... That leads to a complete and absolute great new menu! ;)
Than there is another Turrican clone in developement, and it's quite far done!. Turrican Forever is its name, it should not be confused with Turricane4Ever...


07.04.08 : Shurrican and T2002 for den GBA are now in the list of Turrican Games That Weren't...
The good news today: New T2002 level in the Levelbase by Daniel! It's called Sector 243 and has 4 Level.


26.04.08 : A new Turrican clone, horray!
A dead new clone, noooo....
But ok, three playable levels! Its called Turrican Click, a Multimedia Fusion game.


23.05.08 : A new Turrican clone, horray!
Well, we hear that quite often in the last time... I like that!
This time, it's a school project by XaTrIxX and a school mate:
It's called Turrican 2008.

The basic engine is finished and the end product shall be available for Linux- and Windows users.
Second news, there is a new Turrican Forever video.


04.06.08 : New scrrenshots of Turrican 2008. The shool version will be finished soon!


08.06.08 : New screenshotsand a video of Turrican Forever*!

*Its now just the worktitle...


02.08.08 : Morgul Returns returns! The patch contains some massive changements. Get it at the Levelbase.


08.08.08 : Turrican Extreme!
Scouting Youtube for interesting Turrican projects ended up in an statisfying result.
Turrican Extreme is a music project by Necroforce. His goal is to create a complete pack of soundtracks, that would fit to a Turrican game. The thing is: There is no game! Basically Necrofore is fine with the usiage of this tracks in a Turrican project... I could imagine it in Brent's "Turrican Forver" . (Of course, before using it, please talk to him ;) )

Get the until now finished tracks in the Soudbase, and at Necroforce's Youtube Channel.


09.08.08: "Turrican Forever" news: Brent sent me a playable demo for publishing, and whishes everyone to have fun! :D


29.08.08: There's a new project: Shurrican! Not to confuse with.... Shurrican (dead PC projekt). The new shurrican will be for well equipped Amigas.


26.09.08: Shurrican is on the way to be released commercial. That sadly means, there won't be anything to see too soon... I uploaded the last "free" shots here ...
You don't want to buy an Amiga game? There will be a Linux version, too!

C.P.C: Another Turrican like game in developement! A new game in Amstrad style, and this one has a release deadline!


07.10.08: Metroidican goes final, there are just another two tracks by Christian needed, and some final tests... On the occasion of the near release, here some new screenshots!


02.11.08: Metroidican stands before the maybe last beta test. Have fun with the video:

As Morgul Returns is now available at the levelbase, this site now can no longer claim to be it's home. Underearth however is my project, and page can easily bethe home of my projects.


05.11.08: Three good pieces of news! 1) It's here:
Get it in the levelbase! Watch the video below. 2) A video of C.P.C. is there (Find the Metroidican video a bit more below...):

3) Life signs:


05.11.08: PSYcHoDeLiC ( His qip Blog ) made a setup for the dos version of Turrican2 , which enables users to tun this game on newer Windows systems, without dosbox knowlege. Thanks!

And maybe you recognized some changes in desgin, like scrollable details of pictures...


05.11.08: Merry Christmas whish you Bronko and PrinceznaZmrzlina who made this (Not working anymore) Christmas card. ;)


02.02.09: Morgul Returns: Another update. This patch upgraded the levels, made some changes, made them more colourful, and changed some GFX generally. Download at the Levelbase "Morgul Returns 2.1"

Underearth goes final: I made two new levels, ugraded the old ones a lot, which goes for the grafics as well. CZ-Tunes made some great tunes, like allways.
Here, so you can see, what upgraded grafics mean. ;) I will make a video in the next days. The only things still missing ara an extro video, and, errr... nothing? Release will be soo! ... maybe. ;)

T2008: This project is on ice. Programmers and level designers are needed.


11.05.09: Lot's of news: Windstille shows signs of life!

New in the future: Work titlel "Turrican DS"!

And about Underearth: The musics ar nearly finished, so this release comes nearer!


31.05.09: Due to the coming release of Underearth, I show you some screenshots, a video comes later.


12.06.09: Here the promised video:


15.06.09: Added Turrican3 for the PC and Archimedes to the Turrican Games That Weren't hinzugefügt.


20.06.09: Added another two games to the Turrican Games That Weren't .
Both Turrican3D attempts, once again Factor5 failed, and then I failed myself some years ago. ;)


25.07.09: for Turrican Forever! Today a new screenshot, and at the end of this year a new demo maybe!

Turrican 2008 is in as well, again! XaTrIxX is still looking for pixel artists, and right now for suggestions for weapon systems.


02.08.09: Since 21.07.09 there is a new demo of C.P.C. available, which is a patched version of the old one. This time it runs with Nvidia as well, after altering some settings. (Note: Not all nVidia cards seem to need reconfiguring. Who knows, maybe your card won't work even after altering the settings. Or maybe you have got an ATI, and must reconfigure it, oh so many possibilities! ;) ).


09.08.09: My T2002 Mod Underearth is finished! If you don't have T2002 installed, follow the T2002 installtion guide. And now goto levelbase, and have fun with Underearth!


19.08.09: Beware! If you played the old UnderEarth with T-Starter, you have to delete it in order to play the new one. Or jsut install T-Starter 2.7...

More T2002 stuff in the levelbase! Sector 342 Part2 from Daniel with 9 heavy levels, featuring xomplete new graphics!


25.10.09: for Turricane4ever! As a proove, there are new screenshots...


24.12.09: Hohoho, and happy holidays! Good news: I found a PSP Emulator, which runs PSP Turrican! And André Meier shows us, how good turrican midis can sound, if you use the right hardware and instruments.. Get the mp3's at the Soundbase!


Finally, the T2002F debacle finds an end! I translate an eMail of Pekaro: "Pekaro still exists, but we are quite busy with different things right now, so we don't have time for T2002 or other projects. We don't know, if, and when this will change.


However, it can't be changed anymore. Those, who want to use T2002F, shall do it. But there won't be a download or support from Pekaro. (At least this should be mentioned at eventually released levels.)

Furthermore, thanks to all those, who supported T2002 over all the years :) Regards - Karsten"

I'm happy about this descision, and waiting for many nice flight levels. As there won't be a download at Pekaro , we'll see, how we can release it somehow in the network.

Background: T2002F is an addon for T2002, that makes flight levels possible. Some years ago, a beta version was spreaded through the internet. This is all about that spreaded test version. It has some small bugs, and the flight engine isn't completed. But it is possible, to circumvent those problems, which is visible at the Morgul Returns flight levels (Which were released with special permission).


16.02.10: To make everything clear: T2002F may be distributed including the level editor. Furthermore I included a never finished port of TurricanII for the Atari 800 to the Turrican Games That Weren't. And there are two piano remixes by Cueshark available at the Soundbase now!


18.02.10: Seven new tracks in the Soundbase! And more to come: After Amigaremix, I'm going to ask the guys at Remix64...


20.02.10: First screenshots ofLukasz Maniewski's newset T2002 level pack:

And two new tracks in the Soundbase.


21.02.10: The newest version of the C.P.C.-Demo finally solved the nvidia problem.


21.02.10: New Turrican project found: Super Turr


09.03.10: Daniel's newest level pack "Sector 243 - Complete" ist now available at the levelbase. Exl of the EAB wrote a useful tool, that allows you to browse through the levels of the Turrican II Amiga version .


13.03.10: for

And a Turrican 2 Title guitar remix by Andy Garbettis available in the Soundbase.


08.04.10: Exl's Turrican2spy got upgraded to version 1.1, und revealed an interesting fact. (More at the Turrican2spy page)
Turrican2spy allows to have a look at the level maps of the TurricanII Amiga version, including spawn points. It can extract sprite sheets as well.

Furthermore I compiled a Turrican intro show of YouTube videos.