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Rendering Ranger for the SNES

Rendering Ranger (Targa) is Manfred Trenz's last Turrican game (1995). At least, it would have nearly been one, early screenshots of a game magazin proove that (You find the scans at . Targa Bericht links.jpg and Targa Bericht rechts.jpg.), you can clearly see a Turrican figure!
A bit sad, the mainsprite looks now a bit ridiculos....
The game was sold just 5000 times in Japan and is here quite valuable. On German Ebay you pay about 200 Euros for it!

Rendering Ranger offers a big effects show on the SNES. You walk through a very detailed landscape.
The schooled eye may recognice mirrored grafics, but just let them be there, they doesn't matter. ;)
But it's a bit sad... More about this here!

Some enemies are as huge, as bosses in other games, and the bosses are even huger!
The gameplay is complete linear. The first level is like out of an early jump'n run game, you can't move back! This level let you get used to the gameplay fast: You can shoot in 8 directions, even while you are walking. Each weapon has its very own smartbomb. You have to use the right smartbomb to the right time - you can choose your weapon by yourself!
This makes RR a kind of tactical shooter. ;)
The weapons themself are the good old ones of Turrian. There is one weapon more, a wider "multiple". You can upgrade those weapons, like in the Turrican games, and if you lose a life, only the weapon which is activted, gets downgraded!
After the first level, you can walk into 4 directions, but it is still linear...
But the grafics are really amazing, everything lagfree with several paralax layers.
Like in turrican2 there are spaceship levels. In those the grafics are even better! Huge spaceships must be destroed piece by piece, tons of sprites fly fast trough the screen, and in the middle a small ship with massive weapons. ;)
Not only the weapons remind me of Turrican, also some grafics, enemies, and even bosses are to find. The last boss is like Morgul in Turrican1, a Cube with four faces - called "The Cube" here. Seemingly Manfred likes those blocks. A smaller boss has also such blocks...
Rendering Ranger the game of the bosses, which have a livebar, which is a nice service.
Sometimes there comes boss after boss, and every one needs another tactic...

There is a mod of RR, which changes the appearance of the main sprite. But this mod has a funny bug, when going Game Over (See right pic):

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