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Turrican Forever* for thePC

Der new screenshot from 25.07.2009

The new YouTube video (04.06.08)

Update (25.07.2009): It's alive after all!
After reading my last update here, Brent contacted me, in order to tell me, that the game is still in developement (After some time on ice)!
As a proof, he gave me a new screenshot.
He also wants to release a new demo at the end of this year!

Update (12.07.2009): As nothing was to hear for nearly a year, I set this games' status to unkown. However, as Brent deleted the Youtube video I embedded at the left, it'll likely end up at the Turrican Games That Weren't.

Don't confuse it with Turricane4ever!

Since the 9th august 2008 there is a demo availabe! It is like the video, just in playable.. It already comes with gamepad support, but sadly without key config...
The game is created with Multimedia Fusion, in order to deliver a mighty Turrican editor, which allows you to create quite easily quite cool things.

At the 04.06.08 I got a mail from Brent: Because of the nearly finished engine, he made a new video, and some screenshots!

"Turrican Forever" is now just the worktitle, so we actually can hope for a release! ;)
The engine looks solid, and the black bars aren't nonsense, the game will be widescreen...

The grafics will be taken from the Turrican 2 PC version and the three Amiga titles. The Amiga grafics will be reworkt, to have the look of the PC tiles.
The game will look like the modern Turricans, however, Bren plans to stick to the virtues of the old ones, like interrelated levels. ...And even Spaceship levels!

Another thing maybe will the possibility of severaly level exits, each one leading to a different level.

...Sounds like a lot of work, so we will surly have to wait quite a while. ;)

*Downloads and more*