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This is the page about Turricans and clones, which have been never released...

The first screenshot shows a playable demo of another Turrican3 for the C64, from Protovision.
This demo has one level, in which you have music and soundeffects together!

I nstead of the surround, you have a free movable drone, which fires in all directions. This system works great, but you have limited drone-energiy.
There are severaly rumors, why this game never has been released.
The one says, that the demodosc has been stolen and released by crackers on a convention, and Protovision stopped developing to show them, what is too much.
The other rumor says, simply out of copyright reasons...
Now there are all aviable levels on the discimage, and a very cool boss in level1! ...And a statement by Protovison.

Acsys (Autonomous Cybernetic System) should become a AGA amiga game, but they stopped developing, because this sector was dieing.
The hero can climb vertical walls, clip along the ceillings, and shoou in all directions like the Rendering Ranger.
Moreover you have two weaponslots, between which you can decide.
Cypherian Systems cloned nearly everything of this game (Have a look at "Miniclones PC").

It is really sad, that Turrican3D has never been released.
The screenshots were for that time very promising.
There has never been a playable demo....R.I.P.

For Thornado there exist even less things... It should become a Turrican3D with another name, at first on the N64, later on the Cube, but now never...
More scratches are to find at .

It is allways sad, to find a non-finished Turrican clone... That way it is also with Scorpion for the C64. Scorpion seemingly bases upon the mapeditor, Manfred Trenz wrote for the Turrican games. There is a demo, in which you can run, jump and shoot through a small world. Without sounds, musics and enemys this is nothing to have gaming fun, but something for interestes people...
The demo includes a title screen, and funnily an extro.

The Turrican Javascript RPG-Adventure in the Walkerfactory is my personal addition to the Turrican games that weren't. Finished was allready an engine, which formed a walkable labyrinth out of an array. Each space could have values for the grafics-window, enemies, objects, and things to interact with.

Matthew Browns Turrican 3D:
This attempt of a Turrican3D endet seemingly allready in a playable demo - which I never have seen in action. Today there are only some videos left. Made in Director, it should become seemingly a 1st-person shooter.
Instead of ingame screenshots there were nearly only shots of 3D video sequences in the public.

Matthew Browns Flash-Turrican: Two TGTW in a row! This unfinished Flash game was on his Turrican3d page. Maybe this playable scene even featured a tileengine... however, there was no scrolling, no jumping, just improper moving, shooting, and dieing.

News about Matthew Brown's stuff! On his page are Turrican3D pictures again. And maybe he will create a more complex Flashturrican! At the moment, he is studying, so he has no time for a huge project like Turrican3D, but much time later, there is the possibility, he wrote.

T2002 for theGBA: I'm not sure, if this really is a TGTW, in fact, I hope not!
However the I got facts that speak for it, someone told me, Pekaro said, they won't release any furhter updates and patches for T2002.
However, if this counts for the GBA version as well is unknown.
On the page of Pekaro is a demo level available, which runs on a GBA emulator. It features musics, and a quite good gameplay.

Shurrican: This is a Turrican cadavre, I found some time ago. The webmaster of the allready dead page didn't answer my mails, and everything known about Shurrican are some schreenshots of an obviosly working engine...

Turrican Click (Windows): This title actually makes sense, as Turrican Click has been clicked together wirh Multimedia Fusion... ;) Andyukmonkey made the engine for another game, and tested, how well it could be used for a Turrican clone.
Turrican Click contains three playable levels, original musics from the C64 and AtariST, and mostly overworked C64 grafics.
Interesting ist the idea, to disable the ability to maneuver in wheel mode. This makes the wheel wheelier and less overpowered.
The controlling is a bit notchy, as andyukmonkey actually integrated mass enertia, and you have to accelerate to maximum speed!
Sadly there are some bugs, and sadly I have to list the game on this page, as Andyukmonkey decided, not to develope any further.

Turrican3 PC and Acorn Archimedes:
Of this never released Turrican 3 version exist only two teasers ar , whose records I uploaded to Youtube (see links below), and the bosses showed above this text.

Project-C: Factor5's successor of Thornado, probably in every way... Robert put some concept art on his site .

Turridoom: My miserable attempt to creat a DoomII Turrican mod. It failed already about 5 years ago... (from 2009). It were the sprites... So many viewpoints and always with animations! A bit sad, as the landcape grafics were wuite cool. Time to mention my DoomII levels with Turrican musics though.;)

Atari800 TurricanII: An incomplete port to the old Atari home computer. The video shows a working landscape engine with recolored C64 tiles. The scrolling is superior to the C64 version...

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