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Bronko's Doom2 Levels

Doom2 Levels on a Turrican page? Well, I gave them musics from Turrican... Stupid reasoning? Now, how about this: It's MY page, and I wanted to release those levels somewhere, so what?!... ;)
I made those levels some years ago. 5 levels, quite nice, but very hard...
Use in level3 at the spider scene the IDDQD - that piece of the level is extreme.... But those, who liked to play the original Doom2 levels, as if if they where kind of an adventure game ("Maybe it works, if I first run to the corner, kill the imps with my chaingun, then quickly get to that switch.....") should just save often, as they are used to.

However, have fun!

*Downloads and more*

Download: Bronko's Doom2 levels