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Hurrican for the PC

The mainsprite doesn't look like that anymore, but the dark cave surely does.

Elevator Action, staring: Hurrican

What a show!

The fish looks strange... That way do think the pokes as well, the fish must go! More important are the grafics here, did you see something known? ;)

Coop-mode, that will be great!

A huge machine, busy with posing.

Hurrican is a promising Turrican game, developed by Poke 53280 for Windows.
Four years ago allready, they released a demo. That demo isn't very meaningful anymore...
Hurrican had a lot of changes to the better since then, like a nicer mainsprite.

On the videos and screenshots Hurrican seems to become an action Turrican.
On the screen is happaning a lot, and things like screenshaking explosions make the fun perfekt.
The grafics are very cool, partly prerendered.. On the screenshots it may look a bit weired, so I recommend you, to have one look or two at the "Überaschungsvideo".
"Überaschung" means surprise in German, the surprising thing in this video is a new, in Turrican never seen feature: Coop-mode!
But that is not the only reason to watch it, it simply convinces.... What a feeling! The soundeffects are great as well...
Another new feature is the possibility, to shoot into more directions, than just straight forward...
So don't await the surround. ;)
Other features of the game are:

- Three levels of difficulty

- 18 huge levels, filled with lots of enemies

- Over 25 different soundtracks

- Eight weaponsystems

- Particlesystem for bombastic effects.

- Huge bosses, which will make some fire under your back.

- Controlling via keyboard, or gamecontroller.

- Highscorelist, save-game function after every level.

The levels will come with some nice things, like "elevator action", or some mushrooms to jump on.
That the levels are well designed is a thing, I'm counting on.
Just look at the videos, they transmit a great feeling, Eiswuxes music is surly a part of it (Have a look at the Soundbase).

On the official page, you'll get to see much more screenshots, and some videos.

Poke 53280 declared, to release Hurrican this year!


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