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Turrican Benders

You really can find the strangest things, by searching the web for Turrican. This time it's a set of Turrican Benders! (In Germany Benders are part of the Conter Strike scene, and more and more part of the general online gaming scene.)
There are all types of Benders, but those surprised me. :D

Those Benders come from Patrick Dehen, also kown as pat design, and for Counter-Strikers he is [ACPS]Turrican.
To create one of those Benders, Patrick spared no pains: First he drew them in an oversized form with a pencil, only to copy them on another sheet of paper with a fine liner, to make them scannable.
After scanning, he colorized them on the PC, and resized them to the normal Bender format.

At the bottom here are some more TurricanBenders of his, including one for Christmas.
Some of them are a bit older, and he doesn't like them too much anymore, however, the should be here. ;)
The animated Bender reminds you of something? Well seen! <- That one is mady be Patrick as well! By the way, he also made this smiley , which is now a standard one!