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Turrican 2 for the amiga

The Amiga version of Turrican2.
Highlights were the three shoot-ém-up levels.
As I said (At the C64 version), I like the C64 version more than this one, although this one has great ingamemusic everywhere, and a smoother scrolling.
The biggest difference between then C64 and the amiga version is in the last level. On the C64, it is a jetpacklevel like those in Turrican1. On the Amiga something new was invented: It is the same "landscape" but you have no jetpack! Instead you have to use small fragile lifts, which is a bit stressful in my opinion...
The final fight gets a bit boring for me on the Amiga - you can use the gyroscope...

Those, who want to have a complete level overview, can download Exl's (from the EAB) Turrican2spy. This tool revealed spawn points for enemies, I only know from the C64 version, which means, they have been planned for the Amiga as well.

*Downloads and more*

Download: Turrican2 amiga version

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Video: Why TurricanII is meant to be played on the C64

Amiga emulator
You need a Kicktart rom to play Turrican on an emulator, but you won't get one here... Buy one, or be lucky with a searching machine...

Turrican2 intro

Turrican2 intro with music