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"Shurrican" (high-end Amiga / Linux)

Mock uo title screen.

There is some collision missing. :D

Seeminglym the Turri is implemented
as well now!

New sprite in jungle..


...with some alpha effects.

Update2: Shurrican is on the best way to be released commercial! Not only for Amigas, but for Linux as well.
Sady that means, there can't be shown any more new screenshots of the process, until the publisher decides to show them. I uplaoded the last "free" shots here.
The game's name won't be Shurrican now, as a commercial game shouldn't collide with someone's copyrights.

Update: A musician is found, and now there is an official webpage (Scroll down).

Don't confuse it with the same named dead PC project!

Shurrican is a project by Jhd for heavy Amigas or just the emulator.
The scrolling engine is finished, and works smoothly.

Jhd's goala area good engine, which scrolls better then T2002 for example, and nice high resolution grafics. The grafics used for the scrollengine are just ripoff's from other games, upgraded to look good in the higher resolution.

Furthermore, the game shall have more puzzles, so Metroidican could be a fitting name as well.
And then it comes maybe without the gyroscope, and definatly without the surround, so let's hope it'll still feel like Turrican! ;)

Jhd needs grafics artists for tiles and enemies! Just contact me...

Shurrican is in:

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