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Hideican (Pc Windows)

Screenshot from testing the engine.


Sebuko's projekt "Hideican" isn't dead! He may have deleted the entry on his homepage, but he still creates musics for this project.

If the game becomes as good, as the musics, there is another great clone waiting for us! Find his musics at the soundbase, and oh nhis homepage.

Update: Sebuko now released a first demoversion!. It is a pure sidescroller, in which you can jump, run, collect powerups, and shot enemies. I asked, if the endprodact will be a sidescroller, too, and Sebuko said, most likely, but one never knows...

And what is it, you shot in the demo? Original German harddrive-eating killer-rabbits!

The demo fetures a short level, however, it is possible to hack oneself into some other levels, but it doesn't make sense. ;)

Hideican is official .

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