Here are some new screenshots of Lukasz Maniewski's new T2002 levels, which will come soon. The gameplay is great, and beware of some nice surprises! ;) If the Javascript for the thumbnails doesn't work for you (Hello Opera users^^), just download the shots in the zip-archive, Turricanzone is usable without JS, but it's not so nice...
The first level is already aviable as a demo. ( T2002 Levelsektion )

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Lukasz needs great music for his levels, if you want to do some, contact me!



The Story:

After “The Machine” was defeated many years ago, the world was born a new.
Wars have passed, and peace was restored. But an ancient evil, long unspoken among the mankind, returns and slowly restores its powers to rule again.
It is devouring the world, recreating good to evil. Only one man can stop the unspoken from restoring its evil order, only one hero can stop Morgul from returning into our world, THAT MAN IS YOU!