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Super Turr (Pc)

The old video

Old level1...



...und level2 again

Super Turr will be a mod of the super Mario clone Super Tux, based on the source code ob SuperTux 0.1.3 .

It will be different to other Turrican games in the following points:
- less shooting
- a vulnerable wheel
- and coming from the engine, a bit more Mario feeling, I guess...

In the year 2005 snajper, aka Krystian Hikiert, got the idea, and 2008 the game was quite on a good way.
The video shows many things, but there already had been changes... The wheel moves, like a Turrican wheel should do, there were animated tiles, and a swimming engine.

Maybe you've stumbled over the past tense now. 2008 everything was destroyed along snajpers hard drive...
However he is still working on the project. Momentary it's tile ripping time again.

Story: The game action will be placed at some unknown planet, on Walkers Island. The target would be to defeat big evil dragon and turn off magnetic field generator which causes that Turrican can't take off the planet. .

Even though "Super Tux" sounds like Linux, the game will be compiled to Windows. Linux fans should have no problem to port it to their platform ,though.

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