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Miniclones für den PC (Windows)

T32K the real first clone for the PC. Like the name says, this game has just the size of 32Kb, which is as big, as one screenhot here!
Nevertheless it has music (sid), sounds and..... okay, they have put aside many things to reach the 32Kb goal. It is one level only, the handling could be better, and you have just the multiple shot and no special abilies. The grafics are on the level of TurricanII for the amiga.
It is impressive, that all this fits into 32 Kb....
Today there is also a T32-Enhanced version.
The 32K thing is a part of the past now, since there are new tiles, nonsidmusic, and some other upgrades. But it is still unfinished, so playing it, made it T23T, the Turrican of 23 Torments, for me (Have a look at this list)... ;)
The new level is.......interesting?..... designed. ;)
There also is an editor now! It has just two disadvantages: You have to go through the tiles with + and - (Yaeh, no list or table), and it creates levels for the unfinished "T23T" engine... But if you ignore that, the editor is great! Instead of a one-file tileset, it uses a directory, with a single file for each tile! Tiles may have every size dividable through 8x8.
You can place tiles over other tiles, and make them semitransparent. And if I understood the system, it would be possible to creat a thousand of different looking walkers for just one level.
I recommend the programm Joy2Key to play, to let your joystick/gamepad press the keys. ;).

The clone on the screenshot in the upper-right has no name.
It is also one level only with grafics of the Superturrican SNES version
. You can listen to the music here in the midi jukebox, it is "Level1-2" of TurricanII.
The handling is a bit spongy, but not as hard as in T32k.
The grafics are a bit loveless placed together, but this is more a demonstration, than a game.
It was programmed in Blitz Basic in three days only!

The newes miniclone is Ilker Esens Cypherian Systems, nobody believed in its release, so respect!
For a one-level-game CS (Hey, what an acronym^^) is a bit overfeatured. Those plenty different weapons and the shield system come not to their own.
You can also climb vertical walls.
The music is nice, but the handling is laggy, and you can use the keyboard only...
The game runs in a kind of semi fullscreen mode, you have a small screen in a huge black framing.
The one level is short, but has a very hard boss, and some nice effects.
It was planed to be an Acsys clone, called Akasys at first.
Ilker did advertise the game very well with his nice behaviour in the forum and the SETA-Shoutbox...(Look for old posts of "Zork", if you are interested....) ;)
Today Ilker declares the game as beeing Turrican inspired, and not an Acsys clone, expecially visible at the grafics."Not even close...the system, gfx and colors [from CS] are far away from Acsys"... But decide for yourself! :D
Ilker is now busy with clicking together a complete new Cypherians Systems. A video even looks promising, but still despite his sayings, it has Acsys style.... But hey, what is so bad about this, that you deny it like that, Ilker?!

*Downloads and more*

Download: T32K

Link: T32K-Enhanced with editor

Download: Noname-Clone

Download (Of CS Beta): Removed, as Ilker desired.

Link: T32K-developer

Link: Nonameclone-developer

Link: Cypherian Systems-developer

Link: Cypherian Systems video

Link: Joy2Key