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T2002 for the Pc (Windows)

T2002 is the first real (I don't count T32k) fan projekt for the PC.
It delivers Turrican feeling with original sounds, musics, enemys and landscapetiles.
T2002 has really HUGE levels.
They used a bit higher screen resolution to make the pixels on today's big screens look as big, as on the smaller screens on the past.
The beginning of level1 is designed like level1-1 of TurricanII.
I recommend downloading the mp3 version.
In the directory "musik" is the great music saved in the *psm format. simply rename the psm to mp3, and you have it! ;)
The best thing about T2002 is for me the leveleditor!! At stuff you will find here several nice custom levels!

T2002 is a cool programm, however, it's everything else, but not userfreindly. But now there is my install guide, which leads you to a working T2002 instalaation, with all important extras!

*Downloads and more*