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Underearth Lv0 !


Many secrets!

Deep caves!

Huge landscape!

Discover the world of Underearth!
You think, "The Machine" is destroyed, and with it the evil, for eternity?
"Vergiss es!" (A quote from Turrican2 on C64, which means "forget it". This message is displayed, when the programm once again isn't able to save the highscore.)

Timedate: 3035, 09, 3$-43.
The sensors of the starship UPFF AvalonII, sent to keep sure the safety in the galactical border zone, recognized electro-magatic activities on the planet Katakis...
"Scan for other signs of high leveled industry!" ordered the expedition's leader, captain Bren McGuire...
He suspected allready the worst.
"We don't get something clear, the signals come from too deep under the planet's earth."
"Send a drone, in order to get some pictures of the hull."

At the AvalonII's stern, a hatch opened, and laid of a drone of the type CM04.
The drone entered the atmosphere, and spread its wings.
It began to round the planet, and sended pictures, known too well by McGuire, to the AvalonII.

It looked not as bad, as that time, there were still only a few walkers, and other machines of doom. The buildings seemed to be still destructed.
But those pictures had no meaning, McGuire knew it.
The electro-magnetic signals came from deep under the earth...

"It's about time again..." McGuire thought, as he ordered, that he alone will solve the situation in a TAS 5.2. (Turrican Assault Suit).
"Machine! This time you sadly won't kill my comrades...", he thought grimly at the approach...

Underearth Lv0 - soon aviable on this page! The other levels even now. (But I recommend, to play them after Lv0 is released)