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Small games related to Turrican


The order of the screenshots is the same as the one of the desribed games here.

Turriball is a cool flashgame by KF. Click the gyroscope to kick it. Now keep it in the air, click or die!
The best clickers get into the hall of fame!
To the game you can listen to cool Turrican remixes there, if you want.

Maybe this is the world's first flashgame related to Turrican... But it is also one of the first games, I made in flash, so it isn't really good. The curser is exchanged with a gyroscope, and you have to move it over small bridges without letting it fall down into the water. To finish a level, several diamonds must be collected. Sadly Ii made crappy grafics, and the small loops of the Turricanmusic get annoying.

Shadow of the Bounce:
A cool flashgame, allthough it is only loosely related to Turrican.
You are the beast of Shadow of the Beast, and stand in the middle.
You can hold your shield to the left or to the right in three different positions.
Protect yourself with it against the bouncing sprites of retro classics, which come from both sides. Sometimes also Turrican, or a gyroscope.
This game has also a hall of fame, and the Shadow of the Beast music is great.

Three years later, I made this new version of Gyroturrican.
I'm more experienced with flash now, and you can feel it. For example the gyroscope isn't the cursor anymore, but its position is calculated dynamicly to the cursor's position.
The landscape looks better, and the game has scrolling, even paralax scrolling!
The music is now a complete Track of Turrican...
And the game has some nice surprises.
One of them is surley the fact, that it needs tons of CPU power...

Super Obliteration:
This is a small PD game for the amiga. Destroy with the Turrican sprite all the astaroids. The gamplay is like Pang.

Turrican Pinball:
A Turrican table for Visual Pinball. It runs with Turrican music and has nice grafics. But it still has many bugs, in one ramp you have to shake the table for 2 minutes to get the ball out there, so it is good, that this table doesn't know "Tilt!" .
For a Pinball fan this table offers not too much, it gets boring fast.
T o play it, you need Visual Pinball.
On the downloadpage of Visual Pinball you need to download the seperate *.exe files es well, without them, the thing won't run.

Super Obliteration PC remake:
TCK made a Super obliteration clone for the PC! It features an online highscore, and very nice effects! A lot of powerups enrich the gameplay....
One could call it Super-Super-Obliteration, as this time, you play the SNES Superturrican sprite, and not the one from the Amiga.
Only the acceleration can be annoying: While you shoot, you can't aim!
As this game still is BETA, I allready contacted TCK, let's hope, he'll release a patch. :)

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