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GGT for the Game Gear

Der neue Shot von 2007

Mainscreen turn on.

Looks still ok.

What the?!

Well, then just play it on an emulator!

Funny bug there.

Look, who came for a visit!

Very detailed grafics.

Underwater engine - works.

Get as much of those, as you can find!

No, this isn't a teleporting machine. ;)

Actually there is someone crazy enough, to code a Turrican game for the Game Gear.
Martin Konrad did work for years on GGT (GameGearTurrican), and the result, that I could play at the meeting in the GC 2006, looks great!
Those exclusive "screenshots" directly come from my Game Gear, and the Konrad's GBA.
Quite surprisingly (for outsiders, Martin allready feared it) GGT made some astonishing grafical effects on the Game Gear.
Martin said, this bug would be fixed easily, but I had to play on an emulator for the GBA then. So let's call this testing version GGeT, Game Gear emulator Turrican... :D
The game sadly ran a bit slower on the GBA, and making those "screenshots" was easier on the Game Gear.

But now to the game: After switching it on, you listen to great music from Work in Progress (Have a look at the Soundbase), and look at not-away-clickable logos *wave*.
Finaly being in the game, Turrican gets projected into the level by the Ion Cannon of C&C, and the fun begins.
Immediatelly GGT feels like a Turrican game.
Nice grafics, combined with cool music, and an impressing love to the detail satisfy every wish.
It is possible to stomb two walkers at the same time in GGT!
Other enemies do show great grafical effects, when they die, like the one flying thing, which crashes down with lots of explosions. Something like this did Turri only see on the MegaDrive before...
Some levels have paralax scrolling, others have an animated background.
But all those things let the Game Gear cold, a machine, which does lag from Sonic the Hefehog! This proves the hard work, this game was, and continues the tradition of Turrican's technical perfection..
Haven't I allready noticed, that the scrolling is smooth, and the collisions detecion works good? Ok, now i did.
Oh, by the way, not only walkers are stombable in GGT, you can stomb enemy guns as well.
Furthermore GGT offers the rar and popular feature of the wheel jump. Jump out of the flying wheel, and find more secrets that way!
You'll find lots of them, and the fact Martin was a bit disappointed about, that I found many secrets at the first try, only shows, how Turricanish this game really is.
Don't let you fool by the live display "9+", GGT is quite heavy, but GGeT has an implented godmode.
A walker needed three shots of the biggest laser to explode! I guess this will be easier later, because when it comes to wasps, it gets ugly.
GGeT shows, against some rumors, that there is still work to to. Some surprising creative bugs came and said hello. One time I fell down a waterfall, and got projected into it again and again! Good thing, that GGeT comes with a level selection, which won't be there in the final game of course. But then again, there allready is the biggest part finished, so we all can hope, not to wait too long anymore.
Release? The Duke said, "When it's done"...
Oh yes, of course GGT continues the tradition of an Alien level, the "screenshot" was only too bad.

Download the demos at the offical page, to get a prewiev!

In 2007 on the Games Convention I was allowed to play GGT again, and this time, it even ran actually on a GameGear!
Here are enough screenshots, so to let you keep the fun, I added only one. ;)
However, I can give GGT now this great seal, and sleep good at night:

How far the developement is? The game appeared quite finished to me, as I nearly could play through the whole thing.
The mentioned bugs are all killed.
What still misses is some finetuning: Some enemies are too strong, others, mostly bosses, too weak....
We are waiting, Martin! How about Christmas this year? )


*Downloads and more*