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Turrican for the PSP

A screenshot of jpcsp: Seeing an energy tank...

A screenshot of the demo.

This shots...

...are sadly not taken by myself.

Update (24.12.2009): Finally, with the emulator jpcsp (Link below), it is possible to run the game on a PC! Important are the settings:"Ignore invalid memory access" and "Disable reserved thread memory". For more instructions, have a look at the emulator's readme at the section about homebrew games.
The game has many features of Metroid, but the title "Metroidican" is reserved for something different, of course. ;)
The colorful bar at the bottom is by the way not a health bar, but a heat-meter for your gun.
You can find lot's of powerups. Wheel mode is one of them, and it can be upgraded with bombs, and even the possibility to jup with that thing.

This is going to be a Turrican clone for the PSP.
There already is a playable demo, but sadly playable on a PSP only. The homebrew emuletor PSPE crashes from this game.
You need firmware 1.5. to play.. (This could be false, the information comes from another page)

A testplayer, who stands in contact with the developer, sais, this is more a metroid clone, than a Turrican game.
Functions like the gyroscope must be found first! And the gameplay will lay some weight on puzzles.
But it does look like Turrican, so must likely one could count it as a clone.
Oh, and technically everything shall run smooth.

After two demos, not much is heard about PSP-Turrican. So it gets the following seal of developement:

*Downloads and more*

Link: Jpcsp

Download: Demo Level 1

Download: Demo Level 2