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Megaturrican for Megadrive

A bit before Turrican3 1993 Megaturrican was released. It should have been an amigagame at first, but out of technical reasons it was programmed for the Megadrive first, and then converted to the amiga.
Megaturrican beats Turrican3 in the points grafics and gameplay.
The Megadrive can show 32 more colours at once than the amiga, this makes a big difference.
The levelbackgrounds look better as well.
And most important, it is not as easy as Turrican3, the monsters have a better resistance, and some bosses act in another way...
Another difference is findable in the level, in which you jump from girder to girder - the helicopters start to move suddenly!
Only the music is on the amiga much better, the soundhardware, which SEGA intalled into the Megadrive, is a shame.
It seems, as if Megaturrican has one level less, than Turrican3, but this is wrong. In Megaturrican the missing level is a secret, which is openend when you collect all the diamonds of level1, and leave this level with a 00 in your score.......sometimes at least.....

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