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Exl's Turrican2spy

Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen wrote a small tool, which let's you have a look of the Amiga TurricanII's inside... Turrican2spy extracts level maps including object spawn points of the CDTV version's data. You can have a look at every spritesheet as well, and even export them, which is surely useful for the T2002 level editor.

Turrican2spy revealed, that those C64 enemies, I'm missing in the Amiga version of level 4-1 were planned to be included. It shows "unkown" spawn points at those places!
Everytime, you shoot that thing, it moves in your direction.
When it explodes, it shoots two star-thingies at you...
What makes them really nice is, that in the C64 version the power blocks are NOT invisible in this level, and just look like that enemy!

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