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Turricane 4 ever (Pc)

New Turri in old environment

The rope seemingly works fine

Scanlines are a possibility

An artificial screenshot.

The new editor.

Nice functions there.

Update (25.10.09): It's alive! But Wizard is now the only one working at it. The rope is freshly implemented, and Alexander Scholze's graphics are repaired right now, as they got some color errors due to a mistake, that happened by copying.
Wizard sent me some new screenshots, which came in window mode. The windows showed, that the game runs in Windows, MacOS, and Linux...

This is the Duke Nuken Forever of the Turrican clones!
Next to T32 this is the oldest Windows fan project - with a small difference: This one still is in developement.
You read right: It IS in developement, and NOT dead! (I've got this information at first hand)
Wizard and Domy are currently working on it, and as a good pledge they want to create a new homepage.

At first it was planned to be a Turrican3/Megaturrican remake with the best of both titles. (Turrican3 Musics, Megaturrican grafics).
Later they wanted to do a new Turrican....
but because of a missing abality to do pixelgrafics, they convert Turrican3 levels again and just now.
That's quite sad, since the artificial screenshots with new grafics look cool!
But this can change again, because

Synthetic Software is looking for a pixelartist!
You should have OWN IDEAS, and the disere to implent them in T4e -> the T4e team is not only lacking in pixeling, but also in drawing! ;)
So there won't be scretches for you.
If you want to help, just contact me, I'll hand it on.

Once there was a video, showing the engine. The basics did allready work well: Jumping, running, and using movabla platforms....

I'm not sure, which seal fits best for T4E:
or ?

*Downloads and more*