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Turrican 2008 for Linux and Windows

Update (25.07.2009): This game is officially in developement again! XatrIxX has the support of another programmer now. They made together as much progress in 10 days, as XaTrIxX managed to achive in 2 month alone! The game got restructered, and will be based on cenventional tiles now.

Pixel artists are still needed, and so are suggestions for weapon systems!

Just mail him at

Update (05.2009): XaTrIxX is still on it, but now alone...

Update: This prject is temporaly on ice, as XaTrIxX want's to make his Matura...
However, he still needs coders, level designers, etc.

Update: Scroll down, and have a look at two new screenshots, showing the game in the verison, which is meant for the school course. It's an interesting idea, to creat the landcape with the help of an area, instead of puzzeling it tile by tile.
Give the area a texture, automatic border GFX (like Worms), and have an additional tile layer: The level designer will be happy...

Turrican 2008 is a comming game by XaTrIxX and a school mate in his Computer Science course.
Right, school-informatics! And than something like this: Screenshots of an obviously working engine... When I think back to my Informatics course, I envy him... We just had some low level HTML and Javascript there.. Enough mourning, more about the game!

XaTrIxX says:

Hi Turrifans!

I am currently working on my own Turrican project with a school mate.
The project is called Turrican 2008.
Turrican 2008 is my tribute to the great Turrican series of the good old amiga days.
Turrican 2008 natively runs on Linux. A Windows port will be available too (maybe even a MAC OS one). Actually, it is still plenty of work to be done.

For those who are interested in any technical details:
-Language: c++
-Graphics Library: Allegro
-OS: Linux, Windows

The standard parts of the engine are already done. The graphical design is still in a testing version, means we first want to make the game engine itself running smoothly before working on perfect looking graphics.
Anyways, I still like to show some screenshots to you, enjoy!

Whoever is interested in the game itself, screenshots, source codes snippets, or anything else about Turrican 2008 feel free to contact me at

When it's done? The titel claims 2008...
Ok, the goal of the school project is a working level, everything following will come in the following years, I guess.
This project is currently:

*Downloads and more*