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Turrican 2 for the PC (MsDOS)

TurricanII has been even released for MsDOS. Some people had the cool idea to convert this game, and asked an publisher succesfully, i they could earn some money with that. Long time, it was impossible to run this game on a new Windows system, but now thanks to Dosbox, it is possible!
The DOS version uses the music and the leveldesign of the amiga version, but new sprites and landscapetiles. The landscape looks quite cool, but the sprites are..... not so nice.... ;) . Well, some of the bosses look cool.
A good thing about this version is the very fast gameplay.
It is possible to run this game with dosbox today!
Thanks to PSYcHoDeLiC ( His qip Blog ) you can download a nice Setup as well, leaving you alone with complicated dosbox configurations...

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