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Hurrican for the PC

After long time of waiting, it's finally released, and the waiting was worth it!
For those, who don't know about Hurrican: Hurrican is a Turrican Clone (The developers prefer "successor") for Windows from Poke53280, which took very long time to get developed. A torture for Turrican fans was the fact, that the Pokes did release amazing screenshots and videos all the time..... and new release dates. ;)

Well, after all Hurrican is everything it promised: Exciting levels done with love, filled with new interesting foes, but as well with old known enemies, fantastic musics (The music is so good, it deserves more then this little note ;) ), and consisting of beautiful graphic tiles. Well, the most parts of them... From time to time, you find some strange things, like the spearheads in the first screenshot.
In face of those splendid enemies, and the nice, by the way in several layers paralax scrolling, background grafics a shame forgivable. Ahem.... decide for yourself.

The gameplay is well balanced, until you try playing "Hard" or more difficult. "Hard" makes every spike kill you instantly, which throws the balancing out of the window.
Instant death is under some circumstances in in one level even with lesser degrees of difficulty possible, what some people consider as a good idea.
As it is quite easy to prevent those "circumstances" from happaning, it should be no problem, if not one of those "circumstances" was placed somewhat unfair.
As we speak about difficulty, the raising of it with every level is well done.
The levels as well, and to compare the difficulty, they are spiked with secrets. Just try the wheel at every single wall.
The gameplay differs a bit from what is known from Turrican, but as allready said, Hurrican is meant to be rather an improvement, than a clon.
Of course you can try running just forward, and shoot everything on sight... but you will realize fast, that even in comforter mode this is rather a bad idea. You can watch up and down: Use this ability to plan your next steps.... Choose the right weapon, as you are able to choose. Use the wheel wisely, as it only has limited energy (but recharging).

Other features: Wheelbombs, which actually are usable for destroying enemies, and even catapult your wheel like Samus Morph Ball.
You've got a surround ray, but even with your normal weapons you can aim (Sadly not downwards, seemingly the suit system is made by Microsoft).
A real hit is the cargeble Blast, which makes your bosses cry.
Hurrican delivers the most bugs since Turrican1 on the C64. ;)
There is a Hurrican leveleditor as well! Beginners in leveldesign, I want to recommend you the T2002-Editor, as the Hurrican editor is a very complex, and somehow not-intuitive tool. ;)

And last but not leat: There is a 2-player mode, which I'm sadly unable to test.

*Downloads und mehr*