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C.P.C. (Windows)

A shot of the demo

No Turrican?

Fine, here it's less Turrican...

But here even more!

And this one totally^^... and with scanlines.

Update (21.02.10): Some nVidia graphics cards made problems with CPC's full screen mode. The newest version of the demo solved that issue!
It had something to do with the zooming mode, that should avoid blurry pixels...

Update (02.08.2009): Since 21.07.09 there is a version 1.1 of the demo available at Carnivacs Blog. This time, it even works with Nvidia cards (Note: Not all nVidia cards seem to need reconfiguring. Who knows, maybe your card won't work even after altering the settings. Or maybe you have got an ATI, and must reconfigure it, oh so many possibilities! ;) ) , at least after you switched "Let 3d application control the settings" off in the Nvidia settings. Now just set the slider to the left (performance), or create a profile for C.P.C., where everything is set off, or low, and most important, the anti alias settings of the 3D-program must be overwritten.

Gamepad users should set everything with the word "joypad" in the config.ini to 1. There you can also toggle the scanlines.

This time recognized another thing about the game, when playing again: It's one of those games, that catapults you through the whole screen for each hit you get... Sadly for C.P.C, this isn't even much of an exaggeration. ;)

Update: A demo was released, and removed from the internet again.Carnivac doesn't want to see it online anymore, in order to upgrade the game a lot before the next demo.
A shame, as the demo was quite good! Maybe a bit slow. And had problems with some NVidia cards.
One of C.P.C's nices features is the ability to go and jump backwards while fireing. If you want to turn around, just release the firebutton once.

Update: A Youtube video (See at the bottom).Looks great, but if you ask me, the jump does look a bit slow after all.

C.P.C. (Cosmic Prison Commando) is a project by Carnivac for a Retro Remake Contest.
But actually it won't be a reamke, as it's meant for the categroy "We like it retro": It's going to be a new game in retro style.
In this case obviosly in Amstrad CPC style.

The screenshots show lots of Turrican elements, even though Carnivac doesn't want to create just a Turrican clone.
So there will be similar weapons, and power-up systems, but for example no wheel and no surround shot.

Nonetheless Turrican is a huge influence on this game. Another one would be Astro Marine Corps, like the story: The hero, a commando sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit (A-Team? ^^), lands quite harshly on his prison planet: The transporting ship is shot down!
Something is wrong there, and all the former prisinors are zombies now. Uh, if you get a chainsaw in your weapons arsenal? :D

And now the good news: The Retro Remake Contest ends on december 6th!
However here maybe some bad news: It will be a Gamemaker game... Let's hope for a fluid controlling! ;)
However Carnivac told me, there are lots of very cool Gamemaker games, with a smooth controlling.
Furthermore, he uses the in Gamemaker integrated script language for it, and not the evil drag&drop&clickydiclick options.

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