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Turrican Ressurection for the Atari STE

The new polished intro.

Much more you won't see in the demo. ;)

A bunch of sprites. Did you recognize the jetpack powerup? Richard invented it a second time by himself, since he didn't play T2002 before.

Much details like this: Turri from the backside!

Update (04.11.08): Finally some TR news: There are new pictures on the page. (However, Richard didn't bother answering my request for showing some here...) Furthermore, he does work together with SCVD now.

Turrican Ressurection will be a huge remake for the AtariSTE.
The original Turricans for the Atari could have been better, and Richard David Gray is of the same opinion. He wants to show, that the Atari can run a good Turrican!
Turrican R will feature three chapters: Chapter 1 and 2 will be a remake of the first two Turricangames, which will feature better downgraded to 16 colours sprites, and which should partly be better than the amiga versions.
Big announcement!
Cahpter three won't be a remake of Megaturrican/Turrican3, beacause this game has for Richard not the right turrican feeling. Instead he plans to do new levels!
The game is in an early state of developement, but it seems to become something big: One can see a love to the detail, which is nearly frightening. ;) For example, Turrican-R will show the mainsprite from the BACKSIDE, when you run to the left!
All the pictures from the Amiga intro will be reworked and upgraded!
And the presentation on Richards homepage shows no fear of extra work, in order to look perfect.

There already is an enginedemo, which shows the mainsprite, running befor a repeating background, while plaing music.

Uncle Richard wants YOU! If you know, how to code on the STE, or how to do pixelart, you should ask him, if he could need you.... if you want.
A big help would be someone, who does the remake work for the first two chapters!
You find Richard's mailadress on his homepage.

Turrican-R is official .

*Downloads and more*