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  You find all the versions of Turrican on this page. I suggest a emulator for every single one, to play them on a WinXP system..   I made kind a lot off stuff in my free time... :)   Yes, some service for you. ;)  

You can get all those versions:

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Comming clones:

Turrican games thet weren't:



Bronko's Doom2 levels:

The Bronko puts it online service:

You made great stuff for Turrican? Mail it to me, I'll present it here!


Turrican calendar :


Turrican2spy, to explore the TurricanII Amiga maps, and extract the graphics:


Turrican Introshow :

For the following versions you can see the intro also in flash:

  • Turrican II (Amiga)
  • Turrican III (Amiga)
  • Turrican III (C64)
  • Superturrican (SNES)


  • Gyroturrican
  • Gyroturrican II
  • Turricanpuzzle


Turicon movie :


The"Welcome-to-Turrican" sound is hearable for this verisons::

  • Turrican I (Amiga)
  • Turrican I (C64)
  • Turrican I (AtariST)




I made and will make T2002 level.
You can get them, and all those foreign levels I consider as good enough at the T2002 levelsection!

Roberts great T-Starter makes installing new levels as easy as going to the toilet...


Other little thingies :

  • Turricanmemory
  • Turricanpuzzle2
  • Download: All midis
  • Improve your living room- With Turrican!
  • Wallpaper from me and fans
  • Turrican Benders from Pat Design
  • Sketches by fans
  • The midi jukebox - have a look at the menu.