Robert's T-Starter


This is a very useful tool!
With the T-Starter you can play T2002 levels without a problem!
You need .Net framework to run it.
At least in former times! ;) Now there is also a version with inbuilt Mono, which replaces a .Net installation!

Short instructions:

  1. Extract the T Starter archive into the T2002 maindirectory.
  2. Create a directory named "Bonus", if there isn't allready one.
  3. Extract the doenloaded levels from this page just into the Bonous directory.
  4. Execute the T-Starter.
  5. Choose a level, or a pack.
  6. Don't worry, be happy!


You can download levels directly from Turrican-SETA with the T Starter. It can happen, that you have two times the same level, when you download levels from this page as well...