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Turrican 1 for the amiga

After Turrican has been a great succes 1989 a bit later also a version for the amiga was released.
Like later in Turrican2 this version's advantages are better grafics, ingame music from Chris Hülsbeck, and a smoother scrolling.
Another greatadvantage is, that this version cames along with less bugs.
Funnily the introspeeking of the C64 version is better...
Sadly one boss was left out in this version, the one of the jetpacklevels...

*Downloads and more*


Download: Turrican1-Amiga

Links: Many screenshots HOL entry Several HTML-lized reviews Information about the CDTV version

Link: Amiga-Emulator
You need a Kicktart rom to play Turrican on an emulator, but you won't get one here... Buy one, or be lucky with a searching machine...

Turrican Introspeeking (Amiga)