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- A movie from NoControl Cinema

Turican is a 98 minutes long movie, inspired by Turrican!
The hero has the name Bren McGuire, and the villain looks like "The Machine" of Megaturrican/Turrican3...
A Turrican (Turicon) suit exists as well, but the rest of the movie hasn't too much in common with Turrican.

Turicon is a low-budget film ( About $7.000 after all), featuring nice effects, a cool story, humor, and action!
And of course with a heavy load of (un)intentional humor...
They used a Amiga3000 to perfectionise this movie (But later it was redone on a Mac)!
The music has been done on a keyboard with (too less) internal memory, and sounds great! (Listen to some tracks in the soundbase)

Turicon features also an nice accentual basic English, since it was made by swedish pupils! The actor of Bren even had to learn just the louds by hard, because he couldn't speak English...

Now you can buy your version of Turicon on DVD, or still download a version compressed to death. If you buy the DVD, you get a score CD as well! The bonus features include a nice comment called "Amateurs at work", which is cool, if you like the movie.

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