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Turrican 1 for the Commodore C64

1989 the game Turrican was released.
It was trailblazing!
There never has been something like that for a homecomputer.
It impressed with huge levels, good soundeffekts, fantastical grafics, 4 ways of scrolling and much more.
Additional there are different weaponsystems and features like surround and gyroscope.
Turrican really took out the best of the C64. The grafics are impressive, and some levels even have paralaxscrolling!
Beside the normal platform levels, there are two jetpacklevels, which go one time up, and one time down...
Personally I like the C64 version more than the amiga version, even though you have Chris Hülsbecks music there.
This version's levels are better for me because of little details (and one boss more).
Sadly this version also comes along with some "surprising" bugs, which prevent you from coming trough the game...

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