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Turrican 3 for the amiga

1993 the long awaited third part of the saga was released...
It astouned with brilliant grafics, musics and soundeffekts.
But actually it is a convertation of Megaturrican from the Megadrive!
For me this game is too easy... You can change the difficulty to "maniac", but this just removes all the extra lives.... Increasing the difficulty like this is a bit cheap, I think.
You meet many friends from Turrican1 and 2, like walkers of course, and some levels in "Alien" style. Also the giant fist comes again.
But there is also something new: You know the grapple beam of Metroid? The surround was exchanged with this very thing, play Tarzan with Turrican! Other new things would be the train level, in which you have to jump from wagon to wagon, and another similar one, in which you jump over girders, carried by helicopters, but not well affixed...

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Download: Turrican3 amiga version

Links: Many Screenshots Longplay HOL-entry Several HTML-lized reviews

Amiga emulator
You need a Kicktart rom to play Turrican on an emulator, but you won't get one here... Buy one, or be lucky with a searching machine...

Turrican3 intro

Turrican3 intro with music