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Turrican 3 for the C64

It is called "Turrican3", but it is a clone "only"...
Smash Designs did a good job, and made a complete new Turrican for the C64.
5 worlds (With several levels each, of course) and ingame music, that sounds good, doesn't it? Sadly there are no normal sounds, but it is ok, since the music is cool.
You have the same abilities as in Turrican2, but the surround as a bad calculation of collision.
The leveldesign is nice, and heavy.
World3 has like in TurricanII spaceship shooter levels.
World4 has something new: Just horizontal scrolling levels, which are very long.
It is a bit frustating, because the jumping behaviour is a bit other in those levels, and you can't use the gyroscope!
But after getting used to them, they are also fun.
Turrican3 is full of hints to Rendering Ranger, such as the levels in World4, or ther last boss - it is "The Cube".
Alltogether this game needs two disks and all 4 sides (If you count the intro, this is an extra download at Smash Designs).

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