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Universal Soldier (For SNES MD, a. GbC)

What they did to poor Turrican, it is undescibeable.
They decided, that TurricanII would have been sold worse, than a game with a movie license. So TurricanII got converted, but was downgraded heavily.
The spaceshiplevels got kicked and exchanged with bad new ground levels.
The bosses were converted to to Universal Soldier fitting things, which look ridiculos in the Turrican landscape.
The hero is the Universal Soldier, of course.
The music was converted quite good on the Megadrive and Gameboy, but on the SNES it sounds like a ringtone.
Under all those crap it is easy to oversee some good ideas:
For example they made a nice animated background in the walkerfactory.
And if you shoot an eye with a powerup inside, the spare parts fly out of the screen at the left and at the right, which looks cool.

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