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Turrican 1 for the Gameboy

Yay, a portable Turrican! (At least the first one, later came the mobile phone Turricans, and on other portable systems, Turrican is allready emulatable).
But, oh no, an Accolade convertation...
You can expect less and worse music, and a clumbsy stearing.
Maybe on the Gameboy it's accaptable, sinci it is limited...
Ansonsten steuert der Held sich recht gut, einen Vergleich mit einem sich sehr gut steuernden Gameboyspiel (Super Mario Land 2) hält diese Version jedoch nicht mit.
Surprisingly the handling is quite goodl, but in comparism to let's say Super Mario Land 2 it is still not the hit. ;)
The music is not even bad, it's worse. As if they mady some Turrican musics for you mobile phone...
Sad, since a Gameboy can make cool music.
Maybe out of memory reasons the jetpacklevels are missing.
Now I said so many bad things about the game, but it still is nice!
But if you buy it, don't be surprised! I patched the game with a little upgrade I found on Turrican-SETA .
Turri looks like this in normal:

*Downloads and more*