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T4F for the PC (Windows) from Dex

Dex did great work with T4F!
In fact T4F is a packet of new T2002 levels, but he made them, before the editor was released, and he installed some other hacks, too!
Dex made complete new sounds, grafics and musics, which form a new, never seen, Turrican atmosphere.
The higher resolution is also well used, the grafics have many details.
The levels have the typical difficulty of Turrican, a fan feels very good here.
Well, nearly, severaly bugs can destroy this feeling sometime…
The game freezes sometimes, or gets shut down. And sometimes you get stuck at a paont in the level, ant can't get out there! (This happened for example at the third screenshot, I can't get outta there.)
But, don't let you scare, play this fantastic game (You can call it "game" since it runs standalone, T2002-mod would be correcter allthough)!

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