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Superturrican2 for the SNES

After a very enjoyable Superturrican for the SNES here is its follower...
But sadly this game wanted to be like other fomous games of that time, like Contra or Metal slug.
Those games have linear levels, so Superturrican2 also has very linear levels...
The variety is to find in other things: There are many special levels, like again an underwater world, in which you cruise with a motorbikesubmarine, or threedimensional stages, in which you fly into the screen (One looks like beeing flushed down the toilet), and much more.
Su much, that it is nothing half and nothing complete, and a Turrican looks other...
But at least it is a really heavy game! :D
An, oh yes, the tried to make a bigger story, with sequences between the levels!
The cool music of Turrican was exchanged with end time music...
The game is an actionful and heavy shooter, but not a real Turrican for me!

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Download: Superturrican2

Link: SNES-Emulator